Sunday, March 4, 2018

A Memorable Cardinal Winter

A Northern Cardinal lends some much needed color to a Rose of Sharon branch.
As mentioned in our last post, the past two months have seen an abundance of Cardinal activity out our way, both in and around the yard and in the neighboring woodlots. During a time of year that is typically devoid of bright colors it has been a joy to see such an abundance of these lovely avian creatures.

Mrs. Cardinal savors a sunflower seed.

Can’t say we’ve ever before witnessed a winter like this one where Cardinals are concerned. They began showing up just before Christmas and their numbers increased as winter kicked into high gear. In the time since we have taken more Cardinal photos than the previous two years combined.

He sure bears a striking resemblance to one of the "Angry Birds, doesn't he? 

A Goldfinch looks on as a female Cardinal plucks a sunflower seed from the snow.
Switching over to black oil sunflower seeds rather than a seed mix – and a generous application thereof - may have had something to do with our experiencing an influx of Cardinals this winter. And it was well worth it as the “redbirds” sure do help make the winter pass quickly.

Until next time,
Jim & Claudia

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