Friday, January 29, 2016

Welcome to Our Blog!

Hello there and greetings everyone! My name is Jim Nigro.  Some of you may be familiar with my columns over the years or my recent efforts in the printed word as an author.  I never set out to be a writer, it just sort of happened back in 1989. The Batavia Daily News was looking for someone to write an outdoor column and I agreed to put pen to paper. Initially it was only supposed to be a series of five columns. Instead, I ended up writing an article every other week for nearly eight years. 

Since then I’ve authored two books, the first being; Dear Sam: Remembrances for my Grandson and then; Tapestry; a Life-walk Among Friends.  “Dear Sam” was written for my first grandson, as I longed to tell him about my early years and life with my Aunt Faith and Uncle Jim. It was important for me to preserve their memory.  “Tapestry” is a fictional work about friendships forged in the outdoors, tried by the challenges and tragedies of life and revealing that the apparent coincidences are really the purposeful craftsmanship that decorates the beautiful tapestry of our lives.    

Pictured above is a photo I took a number of years ago to use for the cover of my first book, detailing the time spent with my aunt and uncle during my formative years. Those were great days indeed and, while spending time with them was my favorite thing in the world back then, it was decades later that I realized it was only by God’s providence that they had been such an essential part of my life. Time spent with my Aunt Faith and Uncle Jim led to a deep interest in fishing and nature in those early years. 

Now, sixty plus years later, I spend less and less time angling, opting instead for a camera and notebook as my wife, Claudia and I travel about the region to capture various facets of God’s creations. I find writing rather inspirational when it involves something I enjoy. Being outdoor oriented all my life, my writing revolves around nature. And in this season of my life, it has become more than simply nature. Whether it is a star-studded night sky, songbirds in the tree tops or a gentle breeze, I tend to see, hear and feel the Handprint of God.  

That being said, it is with the blessings of Adventure Calls Outfitters that we have the privilege of posting on this site. We look forward to sharing with you some of our favorite outdoor moments and locales. It is our hope you will find as much beauty and joy in them as we do and that perhaps you will venture out (again) to enjoy them as well.  To give you an idea of what you might expect from us in the future, enjoy a couple of recent favorites.

We were a bit surprised to see this little fellow last February.  Eastern bluebirds continue to make a remarkable comeback despite stiff competition. The 2015 nesting season saw a good number of bluebird houses commandeered by tree swallows.

Pileated woodpeckers have taken a liking to the small woodlot adjacent to our home. We often hear them before we see them – there is no mistaking their raucous call. 

Is there anything in nature a more vivid shade of red than the male cardinal?

Until Next Time,
Jim & Claudia