Friday, September 8, 2017

Late Summer on Oak Orchard Wildlife Management Area

Wildflowers, Cattails, and flooded timber on Guthrie Paddy.
Late summer and its subtle shift into early autumn provides easy-on-the-eyes scenery. One of our favorite places to take in the sights this time of year is on the wetlands in northwest Genesee County. And that is where we’ve spent a great deal of our time since our last post as our focus this year has mainly been along the trails and marshes of Oak Orchard WMA for our hiking and picture taking. 

A Monarch Butterfly sits atop a colorful cluster of Joe Pye Weed.
A meadow of Purple Loosestrife along the Hazard Campbell Marsh is but one of the  many colorful reasons why this time of year is a favorite not only for us, but many others as well. 
Early morning finds a doe and her fawn in a secluded meadow.

Our nature photography has been interesting this year, with  adventures that evoked smiles, gasps and an overall good deal of satisfaction. Today’s post is just a small sample of what we look forward to sharing with you in the coming weeks and months.

Until Next Time, 
Jim & Claudia