Monday, February 26, 2018

Cardinals in the Norway Spruce

A female Northern Cardinal nestled amid the boughs of our Norway Spruce.

Her male counterpart sits nearby.
We have been waiting a long time to capture the right photo of a Northern Cardinal in our Norway Spruce. Jim planted the spruce when it was a seedling barely eight inches in height and as a result its first few winters were spent buried beneath the snow.  

Our vision has been realized!
Today the spruce stands upwards of 23 ft in its boughs have no trouble bearing the weight of a heavy snowfall. Add a Northern Cardinal to that scenario and we had the desired Christmas card effect we have long been hoping for.

Is this my good side?
In addition to the photos seen here of Cardinals in our spruce tree, we have several others taken in and around our property and we’d like to share them with you in our next post.

Until next time,
Jim & Claudia     

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