Monday, December 26, 2016


J. D. Barrett - has canoe, will paddle
J.D. Barrett sets out each year to match his age with the number of times he goes canoeing during the calendar year. Four years ago, at the age of 87 his 87th trip entailed paddling Black Creek as it flows through Genesee and Monroe Counties.  It was December at the time.  

Canoeing in December? Was there ice on the water? You bet, but not enough to deter J.D. and some well-wishing fellow paddlers who were on hand to help commemorate the occasion. On that day the group of seven launched their solo canoes in Churchville Park and paddled upstream a few miles before stopping for a celebratory hot lunch on shore.

The man in his element.
One might figure that given J.D. Barrett’s yearly quest, last year, at age 90, he would make ninety paddling trips on the waterways he so enjoys. Not quite. “God was willing” as J.D. might say, to see him complete 105 canoe outings on the lakes, creeks and rivers he favors. 

Some years J.D. meets his “quota” and other years, well, let’s just say age throws unforeseen snags in his path. This year shoulder problems prevented him from pursuing his outdoor endeavors as much as he would have liked. Still, he put in ample time both canoeing and fly-fishing.

Regardless of the weather, there's nothing better than being on the water.
In addition to paddling, J.D. has fashioned many a canoe and kayak from scratch and is well known for his custom paddles which he often presents as gifts to friends.  A skilled and meticulous craftsman, the time J.D. has spent making canoes and kayaks or helping friends do so is considerable, yet it is surpassed by the time he spends on the water in pursuit of one of his favorite pastimes. 

J.D. doesn’t spend all his time on the local lakes and streams or in his woodworking shop. A Stafford resident who is highly regarded in both the canoeing and fly-fishing communities, he has also been a member of Grace Baptist Church in Batavia for the better part of six decades.  In addition to serving as a deacon and on various committees, J.D. has used his musical talents as an accomplished pianist as part of the worship service for many years at Grace. 

The look of genuine contentment. 

A devoted family man, J.D. and his wife, Dorothy celebrated their sixty-ninth wedding anniversary earlier this year. To those who know him best, his attributes are many; good husband & father, adept canoeist, skilled fly-fisherman, talented musician, and a faithful servant of the Lord. A diverse and laudable repertoire indeed, one befitting a great American and a Godly man.

Until Next Time,
Jim & Claudia

Friday, December 9, 2016

The Voice of The Lord

Psalm 29:14 “The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty."

Have you heard the voice of the Lord?
From His throne on high He directs the world.
With a powerful voice full of majesty
He brings seasons of blessings for you and me.

In spring comes the rain to water the ground.
In fields and gardens new plants abound.
Cute baby animals are born every day.
God calls forth new life in so many ways.

In summer He brings forth the radiant sun
To warm the ground and everyone.
Summer flowers and beautiful skies
Rejoice the heart and delight 

In autumn God paints the leaves as the air turns cold.
Red, orange and yellow – beauty untold.
The harvest begins and His blessings we reap.
Animals tore food or get ready to sleep.

In winter God calls forth the ice and the snow.
We light warming fires; our faces aglow.
Children sled on hillsides of white,
Snow sparkles like diamonds in the bright sunlight.

Reflect on the ways you’ve heard God’s voice;
Sounds that bring peace and help you rejoice.
A world full of wonderful sights on display
To call forth our praise and worship each day

(Poem courtesy Sally Barrett Fry)

Until Next Time,
Jim & Claudia