Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Visitor From the North

Snowy Owls are indeed one of His most beautiful creatures!

We have been blessed the past several late winters here in Western NY to be graced with the presence, even if only briefly, with Snowy Owls as part of their somewhat sporadic "irruption" from the Northern climes of Canada. Having been infatuated with big owls since my teen years, I was more than a bit surprised and elated during a recent encounter with this Snowy Owl.
Is he watching me or scanning the horizon for lunch?
Hunters of wide open country, Snowy Owls are seen in various settings and locations but not that often is one spotted in a tree. When I think about, any photos I’ve seen depicted Snowies on the ground, in flight, perched on roof tops, fence posts, road signs, etc. That being said, I found it something of a treat to not only see one of these visitors from the North Country, but to find it roosted in a spruce tree as well.  

Another Christmas Card in the making - huzaah!!
Not only was I quite pleased to get photos of a Snowy Owl, what really tickled me was the contrast of the white Arctic raptor framed by evergreen boughs. Call it a nature photographer’s bonus!

Until Next Time,
Jim & Claudia

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