Saturday, March 26, 2016

He is Risen!

Easter Weekend is upon us.  As we venture outside reminders can be found everywhere as Nature itself reaffirms the significance of these very special days.  

A crocus, having been entombed below ground, becomes
 one of the first newly emerged flowers each spring.

Once a caterpillar relegated to the move along the ground at a 
snail’s pace, this Eastern tiger swallowtail now free of its cocoon
 sports a pair of wings and flits about where it pleases. 

These rays of sunlight bring to mind the angel rolling the stone away
 from the tomb and revealing the brilliance of Christ’s glory.

And the sunrise……a foreshadowing of things to come, 
a daily reminder of the promise of Jesus Christ.

It is true.  He has risen, just as he said He would.  

Until Next Time,
Jim & Claudia

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